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What Our Customers Has to Say About Us
" I had a client tell me about AAA Furniture. I checked out the HOTBUYS on line and wow! My wife and I went over right away and got such a deal on one of those mesh work chairs. We put it in the trunk right then, drove it home, and I was sitting in it that afternoon. We saw some cute little side chairs, too. We’ll come back for those, since my wife says it’ll make the home office look more legit. And when I’m doing taxes for couples, they’ll both have a place to sit! I’m glad I found AAA – you will be, too! "
" I thought it would be easy to plan my office – until I started measuring. I couldn’t figure out how to get me and three staff into a 17 x 20 area and still have room for my clients to wait. I found AAA Affordable Office Furniture online and clicked on the Services button. “Wow” is all I can say. Joe and Judy were exceptional. They came out the next day and had already sketched out two possibilities. They measured the actual door and window locations and within hours, they faxed over the new plans. Joe told me I could pick new or used and gave me the prices for each. Their used inventory looked great, so I went that route and the furniture was up in time for my first staff training session. Again, all I can say is, “Wow!” "
" When I first opened my office, all I could afford was used furniture. Where I got it, I have no idea – somebody’s going out of business sale. I tell you, it’s so old some of the fabric is the original 1970s orange. Well, I don’t need more furniture, but I did need a new look. I talked to the guys over at AAA Furniture and they told me I could buy new, used, or – and this is what I decided on – they could refurbish those partition walls. They took them down for me and brought them back when they were done. They had painted the metal trim and put on gorgeous fabric. I even ended up with some tack panels. It’s like having a brand-new office. "
AAA Affordable Office Furniture
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